“Values beyond ordinary shoes”
Cars, handbags, watches, and apparels are the most common measures for one’s
identity in this society. Big luxurious brands are cranking out their so-called limited
editions meaninglessly.

But, really? Do you really think these are the “real” limited editions? After a year or
two, you won’t even remember what they were. The deeper question is “How is this
supposed to be a limited edition, when everyone’s wearing it?”

SWITFISH team will show you the “legit” limited edition that possesses personal
experience, identity, and values. Our limited edition will never lose its value over time
across galaxy because the force is with us.

I. Values of Possession
“My first childhood collection buildable toys”
The joy of displaying my heroes in my own space, the joy of viewing completed collection,
and the joy of seeing people envy my collection. We prepared this collaboration as if we
are completing our own collection.

Our product recreated great amount of the collection details onto our shoes at the
collector’s point of view. Henceforth, SWITFISH team wanted to convey the experience
of “Values beyond ordinary shoes” by reproducing and drawing back nostalgic event of
one’s childhood through our collection.
II. Adding Experience to Values
“When turning something into a collection, the most important element is experience”
From the personal reminiscence of childhood collection, SWITFISH team gave
collectors opportunity to apply detailed finishing on their own. We provided
interchangeable kit and assembly instruction included in the box for collectors to
complete “My own collection with personal experience”.
III. Awarding Eternal Values
“Forty-two years of enduring history of Star Wars completed eternal values”
We wanted our products to be loved and owned over time regardless of the fashion trends.
Forty-two years of enduring fame of Star Wars was convincing enough that it will not lose
its’ value over time in the future. Thus, we were confident enough that a collaborative
work with Star Wars will make our product loved and owned over time not affected by fashion trends.
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